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Monday, October 25, 2010


This has been a busy weekend as our class prepares to graduate from UCWS. I was very proud of my classmates as they each practiced and prepared for our midterms and finals. A special thank you to SD for calling the formations during our private practices. Our class has really grown close and stuck together as we faced many challenges such as technical difficulties, hair and clothes emergencies, illnesses and learning to deal with lag.The trainers at UCWS are awesome and are there to support, encourage and answer questions even outside of the classroom. Anrol makes herself available as well and she and Steve have been awesome. The pro's have also been there to lend support, welcome us into this family of UCWS models and share some awesome tips. Today we take our final and I just want to let my classmates know that I believe in each of you and know that you will all do great, just remember to breathe!  Love ya .. mwahhhh!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 50's Style Event

Last night was both exciting and nerve wracking as our class strutted their stuff down the runway for the 50's style event. It was a time to show off our style and all that we had learned at UCWS so that we could be graded. I think many of us were so nervous we felt sick and poor Blossom was sick (hope your feeling better!). Despite the nerves we all enjoyed ourselves and even relaxed and had fun by the end of the show. Debbie was great to pass out tips backstage and she and Laylah helped to allay some of our fears and nerves (thank you ladies!). I was so proud of my classmates as they all looked wonderful on stage and Blossom and SD even took second and third place (yay team students!) Congratulations to Laylah who was the winner. Way to go everyone! 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Face of Alyssa Bijoux Crown

CWS if full of opportunities with contests, fashion shows, modeling opportunities and awards. While in the Best of Goth 2010 contest I won the honor of becoming the new face of Alyssa Bijoux Crown. What an exciting way to start of my SL modeling career. I am so thankful to all the hard work and effort put into the UCWS and CWS by Steve, Anrol and all the trainers. The training and opportunities that you provide for future models is amazing.

Scary Halloween Costumes

Oh my! I was afraid to go to sleep after the Scary Halloween Styling event. There was Little Dead Riding Hood, SpiderWebs, Green Tenticles, and the Winner Angel with her "I'll get you my Pretties" that sent shivers down my spine! I keep waiting for the flying monkeys to show up, scoop me up and fly me off to the evil castle.... Yikes! You all did great and I was proud of each contestant. You all put in a lot of time and effort on all the costumes and did a awesome job! Way to go everyone and Congratulations again to our winners!


I have enjoyed being at UCWS and have learned so much! All the trainers, Steve, Anrol and all my classmates have been so wonderful and have helped to create a supportive network and I am glad to count them all as friends. One of our classes at UCWS was on how to set up and write a blog. Due to technical difficulties with my computer I had a lot of difficulty setting up my blog but everyone was supportive and tried to help. That is one of the best parts of being at UCWS knowing you are all on the same team and everyone helps each other. I have really enjoyed spending time to get to know many of my classmates and wish them all the best!