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Monday, October 25, 2010


This has been a busy weekend as our class prepares to graduate from UCWS. I was very proud of my classmates as they each practiced and prepared for our midterms and finals. A special thank you to SD for calling the formations during our private practices. Our class has really grown close and stuck together as we faced many challenges such as technical difficulties, hair and clothes emergencies, illnesses and learning to deal with lag.The trainers at UCWS are awesome and are there to support, encourage and answer questions even outside of the classroom. Anrol makes herself available as well and she and Steve have been awesome. The pro's have also been there to lend support, welcome us into this family of UCWS models and share some awesome tips. Today we take our final and I just want to let my classmates know that I believe in each of you and know that you will all do great, just remember to breathe!  Love ya .. mwahhhh!

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